Good morning Saints in Christ (Thank God its Thursday T.G.I.T.)

Thank You Heavenly Father for this day, and thank You for Isaiah, Stacie, Eli, Danielle, Henry, Jason, Jeremy, Claire, Mark, and many others whom have participated in this ministry in the exposure of their minds to the truth of Your word. Thank You for the ability to decipher between the Old and The New Testament. Thank You for making a New Testament with the Saints in Christ for us today and for the first ones in the first century.

Thank You for the grace in which we now stand and for the precious promises to us which are better than the promises You Yourself made to Israel. (Hebrews 11:40) Thank You for the fellowship we have which is never truly broken in Christ with one another. Thank You for my two followers on this blog, the minister and the lady, who I have not gotten to know yet.

Thank You for grace making sense to us of all the perplexities which come from being different from the rest of the world and truly not ultimately belonging here, but that we do belong here for now. Thank You that this present cosmos system (world) is passing away, and thank You that we are NOT passing away, and Your word is NOT passing away. Thank You for the New Jerusalem which shall endure the fervent heat which the rest of the elements in the universe shall not endure.

Thank You that we shall not be burned with fervent heat when the elements of the universe ARE melted/burned/destroyed with fervent heat. (2Peter 3:10-12) Thank You for the promise that there will be a new heavens (universe) and a new earth without a sun for Christ Jesus shall illuminate the new heavens and the new earth. Thank You that the wicked have nothing good to look forward to in the future, and for how we can tolerate the most wicked things in the world today knowing that not a single one of the evildoers will get away with any evil whatsoever.

Thank You that first, before the earth and its works are burned up (and before the elements of the universe are destroyed with fervent heat) that we ourselves will reign and rule with Christ over the earth-dwellers (which we will not dwell on the earth, but in the city in the sky the New Jerusalem) for one thousand earth years as we understand earth years today.  Thank You for the day of atonement which is part the Law the Son Of God gave to Moses.



The perspective the Scriptures teach us to have concerning all things is and absolutely true perspective. Non-absolute true statements can still exist in the scriptures which can contradict each other, and yet still both be true. Absolutely true statements cannot contradict one another and both be true. The Bible does not contain contradictory absolute statements which are both true.

The grace body of doctrine in the revelation of the New Testament mysteries is an absolute perspective for us today, and the Law body of doctrine which is a contradictory absolute from the Old Testament does in fact contradict grace. The is abolished, not diminished nor improved by grace. Grace has obliterated the Law and contradicted it away from existenceIMG_0476

Sin and sins aren’t the same thing

‘Sin’ is the nature to sin, but ‘sins’ are not the nature to sin. If we confess our ‘sins’ He is faithful and just to forgive us our ‘sins’, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we confess that we are sinners God doesn’t re-forgive us for that in some undefined way.

God forgave us for being sinners one time when we were convicted by God the Holy Spirit once and for all resulting in our salvation. Confessing our sins one to another is not confessing the sins we have committed to each other, but it is confessing the fact that we are sinners to each other or that we have sinful natures. If we confess our sins (not that we are sinners) we are forgiven because God says He forgives us and not because we ask His to forgive us.

Confessing to God that I am a sinner is something I will not be expected by Him to ever do again. He wants me to confess that to you though, and I do. Confessing sin acts I have committed (or not having done something I knew I was supposed to do and it therefore became a sin act) is something I do every day in my mind with out making a big production of it.


I really want to make this work.

Mystery Minister


I paid $96.00 to own this domain name to and I thought it would be monetized after that but now I’m not so sure. I don’t endorse the practice of pastors being paid for their work in preaching and teaching. I do need to make a living however.

Spending money (my Mom’s money) on this domain name was an attempt to work from home and earn an income. I’m not giving up, but its February 12th and I still don’t know if this site is even monetized or if I get enough clicks or views if it will even ever pay me at this point. I spent with WordPress in December on the 27th.

I live on social security and charitable contributions from my Mom. I receive LINK Snap Benefit, and free ride on CTA in Chicago. I don’t believe in mental illness just because the rest of the…

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