The simple term “mystery” in Greek.

There are seven revealed “mysteries” in the New Testament. I put the word “mysteries” in quotation marks, because they are not any longer mysteries. They were only mysteries before Christ revealed them through Paul’s writings.

These mysteries were not revealed to the remnant of Israel during the ‘household’ of Moses. The Apostle John received “mystery (or mysteries, I don’t know yet)” (Rev.1:20, Rev. 10:7, Rev. 17:5, Rev. 17:7) but the seven mysteries of  ‘The Faith’ are what I’m hoping God enables me to teach someone else.  The ones revealed to the Apostle John are not included in what I’m trotting God to help explain to me for you, yet I want all the knowledge from all of the Bible.

This blog entry doesn’t really reveal anything of it. This is a preview of coming distractions. This is a ‘commercial’ so to speak.

Thank You my brother and my sister In The Christ



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