(New Year) Things: Sam Hencier

First and foremost, happy new year to every reader and I think about you all the time. I wanna thank God the Father for the enablement and leading in spiritual things in Christ today to accomplish His will for my and to know so entering in to the rest in Christ which Paul wrote concerning the saints rest in Christ. Thank You God The Father for the times of spiritual rest we can and will enter in to, yet it remains for some of us still who haven’t entered into that rest enter into the Christian rest.

When the Christian is at rest, hear she is not being attacked spiritually in the mind. He or she is resting mentally or spiritually, but not physically. When a person is physically resting, they are also not attackable spiritually.

The Christian rest is like the physical rest, and different from the physical rest at the same time. Christian rest can only be entered into while awake. Physical rest can can only be entered into while asleep.


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