Just a little about me

I would like to work as hard as Stephen King to be a writer. I know he didn’t take Christmas breaks for most of his career. Why would I be advised to not work hard on what I love doing?

If I am going to pay all my bills with writing work compensation, I need to write better, more, and now. If everybody could stay home from work, writing to pay bills instead of going to the job they don’t like, they would. Writing is not the easy way out or an excuse to not have a job.

Writing is more work than ordinary 9 to 5’s. Writing to be paid for it as a career is more work than that. Writing as a career is more work than more work than a 9 to 5.

Should someone give me a break? Should someone publish my book for me? Does anyone owe me anything?

Did you know that I can write about whatever I please? I write about the Bible mostly. I write blogs and I’m working on a book.

If I write and self publish one book, I can repeat the process. I can own my own online business with the only real product being my books and blogs. I would like to self publish as many books as I can for the rest of my life.

Does this desire grant me success in my endeavor? Should I be paid for what I have done so far? Only the work yet to come is worth any living.

I would like to copyright my every book, and self publish paperback books with D-Ferg Ink. Selling on Ibooks is the other stream. Pay pal me for the paperback copy and Ill send it to you.

Blogging can pay me every Tuesday for the time being, and I want to get my YouTube Chanel to pay me monthly. I would like to learn about affiliate marketing on my wordpress.com site. Online company’s need 6 streams of income, or so I have heard.

I want to be a minister and die of a ripe old age as a beloved pastor. Thats what I want more than anything, but I need to change that. What I must want more than anything should be to overcome the habitual work of the flesh in my person.

Overcoming the lusts of the flesh is what I’m endeavoring to teach others. I am not making much progress myself, but on the other hand I am. I have a hurdle to overcome, but by His grace, I can.

I still have to work to earn money at a job to support this ministry. Thank You God for the ability to work, and to move to California. Thank You that I can be a hearing aid dispenser when I move there and earn more money to support my writing habit.

I might have bronchitis, but at least I don’t have to be on the redline train in Chicago or freeze my haunches off. Thank You for food, clothing, and shelter. Thank You for the assistance and opportunity in the country to become more financially sound.

Exercise is something I want very much. I have a low level of energy because of being somewhat ill, and I’m 39 now. I’m still young compared to you, but I’m just feeling it for the first time.

Thank You God for the forgiveness and cleansing I have in You. Thank You for the ability to grow and mature in Christ. Thank You for being resident within me.

I may be dreaming, but if I work hard at it, I think I can be financially independent this way. Would that be better than being financially dependent? Most would say so.

I don’t necessarily agree that it is better, but I’m undecided. I know I would like to own and drive a brand new car which is reliable and within my budget to maintain very well. Most would say God wants me to have a car if I work hard for it.

If you haven’t noticed by now, what most people say holds very little sway over me. You guys are my readers and my audience and I think about you all the time. I just made that up because it sounded good, but I’m trying to think you my reader more when I write.

Thank You God for my trip home to California. Thank You for the Grace God.

me when I was a kid

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