Don’t forget about the evil day and the wiles of Satan. He only comes to attack us mentally every once in a blue moon. The primary enemy to overcome is the SINFUL NATURE.

Make sure you’re being attacked mentally by Satan before you try to resist and overcome his solicitation to evil in your mind. Sometimes its just heartburn or gas, or an upset stomach. Independence, pride, theft, corrupt communication, lying, laziness in spiritual things, cowardice in spiritual things, gossip, doubt, disappointment, discouragement, un-forgiveness, and being a busybody are his mental attacks. He doesn’t entice us to fornicate, commit adultery, retain filthy thoughts in the minds eye, brag about past sexual conquests, teach heresy, commit idolatry, enter into a state of religious superstitious awe, go out at night carousing, murder people,  get drunk, or anything like that.

Satan attacks when you are walking in victory over your sinful nature. He wants us to live by the power of the sinful nature. The full armor of God only works in the mind to thwart Satanic lusts, even though fleshly/carnal lusts occur in the same place (the mind).Fire arrow



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