Nothing I try ever works out


Just because nothing I have tried hard at has ever worked out for me, doesn’t mean nothing ever will. I think I have come to accept failure in my life as my lot and have given up trying. I don’t even really think this blog will ever pay me the 96 bucks it cost to own the domain name for a year if you really must know how dire things are for me.

My mom paid for this blog domain name for me because she wants me to succeed at something I’m good at and like doing. While I was on 1200mg of Seroquel every day for 18 years, I got a job 80 times, and each of the 80 hires turned out to be a bad idea. I spent 18 years in Bible college which should also tell you something about me.

The best thing I got going is my involvement with God. Thats all I have to offer anyone. I’m a worthless person devoid of value, and I have no place in your life other to teach you the Bible.


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