Happy Saturday (emphasis on the word “HAPPY”)



Good day to you my friend. Happy Saturday! Today is a happy day for the Saints in Christ, as is every other day.

Happiness is not emotional or situational. Happiness is intellectual/mental/rational. ‘MAKARIOS’ is a greek term used in Revelation 1:3 in the form of a promise to the reader and studier of the book of the revelation to John the Apostle.

Living the Christian life in the mind (which is where the Christian life is lived), shall bring about a wonderful happiness to our minds. This kind of happiness is only exist able in the human mind. “MACRO” as a prefix in English means “GREAT’ or “VAST”, and the prefix on the word ‘MAKARIOS’ can be better understood in that light.  fullsizeoutput_56d

Thats one word for happy (or ‘blessed’) in the New Testament language, but another word for happy (or “blessed”) in the original language is “YOU LOW GAY TOS” or ‘EULOGATOS’ which can be found in Ephesians 1:3. This word is different and does not mean the same thing therefore. This word is the route word for the English word “eulogy” such as at a funeral when praises concerning the one being remembered and many good things are said of him or her.



This word “blessed” directly next to the large number “3” doesn’t mean “happy”. Revelation 1:3 “blessed” “makarios” DOES mean “happy”. Both words in the English bible say “blessed”.

God the Father has praised God the Son for every spiritual being in the universe to know intellectually. Spirits (usually just called “angels” or “demons”) are intellectual. Spiritual beings are all 100% “mind” and have no soul or body.

The “sons of God” in Job 2:1 are satanic spiritual beings (demons typically are considered to be the only kind of “angels” who are corrupted) who have knowledge of said declarations from God the Father concerning God the Son. Notice that they do “present themselves before the LORD’, and also that Satan has access to the third heaven after his corruption. fullsizeoutput_575

What is at steak when we are solicited to evil? The glory of God in the universe amongst the spiritual beings which dwell on stars! (John 14:2) WHY?

Because God the Father has included us into Christ permanently and placed us inside Christ. God said everything good about Christ and us the Saints in Christ as exactly the same praises to us as He has given to Christ. Thats the point in Ephesians 1:3.

Gods glory is at steak because God has accusations placed against Him in the spiritual universe. WHY!? BECAUSE HE PLACED US WRETCHED WORTHLESS WORMS INTO CHRIST JESUS!

God’s “glory” (doxos Gk.) is in question amongst the spiritual beings in the universe because of Satan the accuser of the brethren who accuses God the Father day and night because of us! The way to get all the evil spirits and ‘good’ spirits in the universe to give praise and glory to God, is to overcome the solicitations to evil we encounter in our MINDS. BY NOT SINNING we get the whole universe (not just us and the we can see around us, but the whole universe) to glorify God in some way.

We encounter solicitations to evil in our minds from three different sources. The sin nature, Satan and Demons, and the World “cosmos” system. What are they? We have to know!

If you don’t know your enemy, you cant recognize your enemy when he (satan and demons) begins to molest your mind. The sin nature can be overcome/defeated by a different mean and has different solicitations to evil than Satan and demons solicit us with. The world system is overcome in another way and accordingly it attacks us with different solicitations.



Ephesians 6:12 uses the terms “principalities” “powers” “rulers of the darkness of this world” and “spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly (the universe… don’t forget) places” (NASB rendering on the last one) and these are ranks of evil spiritual beings. This is not an exhaustive list of evil spiritual beings though. These “sons of God” and “Satan” (remember from Job 2:1) aren’t in one of the 5 “hells” Scripture teaches us about.

These spirit beings (evil ones and good ones too) are in the stars. They all give glory to God the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit as the highest power there is. Its important to stay happy in our minds for this reason.

Being happy in the sense the scriptures teach we can be in Revelation 1:3 is important this Saturday because God’s reputation in the universe is maintained better. Ultimately God takes care of His own reputation, but remember that we live in “this present evil age” and the universe has not yet been destroyed and the permanent order of things in the new heavens and the new earth (2Pet.3:10-12) IMG_25663rd heaven graph


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