Success is not a sin

Of all the things I wink at in my own life which actually are sin, success isn’t one of them. I embrace the true mercy of God when I confess an actual sin as God defines sin for in Christ Saints in Scripture. I however see that I shy away from such avaricious things as monetary gain and becoming wealthy.

Since God ok’s way more than I thought He did when I was growing up, I ought to focus on the way God doesn’t prohibit me from becoming fit and healthy, or gainfully employed with the plan to become more independent. Independence is a lust from Satan, so I don’t want to say it is good.

Satan has a good way of working together with my sinful nature to confuse the matter for me. The Apostle Paul was independent of other Christian’s money, but he was not independent of God because of that. Depending on other people to take care of me financially is actually abandoning The Faith and disqualifies me from teaching the Word of God at all. bird-flying-from-cage


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