Too much internet

Some people quit social media 100% because they truly use it too much, and it truly gets in the way of their life. The idea of this blog is an alternate solution for that exact problem. Instead of quitting cold turkey, read a book cover to cover instead before going on social media, TV, or whichever the thing is.

We don’t have to be extreme. We can be in perfect balance by taking on a reading project that may take 2 or more days or in many cases, a week or more for many peoples schedules. No need to suspend your accounts and try to not allow yourself to go on or talk about it and get other peoples opinions on the matter.

Maybe God leadeth you to quit entirely, I wouldn’t know, because only you would be able to know. Go with what He is leading you to do before what I am suggesting. This is something I should do. Cut-the-Cord


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