grace and law (contrast)

IMG_1641Grace is separate from Law. Let no man incorporate the Old Testament Law practice into the teaching of grace in the New Testament. Let such heretics be warned and when or if they don’t stop their heresies, ignore them.

Grace is precious in terms of its promises which differ in content from God’s promises to the Old Testament Law keepers of Israel (God imposed Law upon them for 1500 years). The universe was created 6,000 years ago, and its been grace for 2,000. That means that the Law began 3,500 years ago, and ended 2,000 years ago.

The first 2,500 years of the existence of the universe and man went by without Law as it had been written on Mt. Sinai by the pre-incarnate Son of God who manifested Himself in a firey finger, or “huiophany” (a pre-incarnate manifestation of God the Son) 3,500 years ago and wrote the Ten Commandments on stone tablets. The law of Moses is not for all people at all times in human history. The one who darkens the minds of men mystifies the masses into lacking the ability to decipher the Scriptures as they are written (he bring the darkness and spiritual retardation needed to deceive mankind into not comprehending the contrast). The god of this world is blinding the minds of the unbelievers so that they cannot ‘see’ (understand) the glorious gospel of Christ.

Grace is a body of doctrine for a specific people of God, but not for all peoples of God at all times in all millennium’s. The grace in which we now stand (Romans 5:1) is superior to the Law of Moses (Hebrews 11:40) and also to the promises of God to them whom were under the Law of Moses when it still was how God dealt with man before the cross burial and resurrection of Christ. Grace is better than Law.

God is never a liar. God can promise them one thing, and us another, delivering His promises to them exactly what they were and are. God can promise you and I something better than He promised to them yet is no less holy to deliver His promises He made to us to us and not to them (even if we are given something better than they are given).

When you trust God to deliver His promise to you, make sure the promise you are trusting Him to fulfill are promises to you and not somebody else in the Bible. You might be trusting Him to give you a mansion when you die, but then get no mansion because He didn’t promise anybody at any time any mansion. You might be waiting to get to the promised land and then never get there because you weren’t alive during the 1,500 years the Law was in effect and God was promising the land to Israelites and the promised land wasn’t promised to you.

Don’t cry like God is unfair because God is unfair. God promises you and I the best package and content of salvation out of any of the biblical peoples of God in any age, dispensation or “day’. Grace is unfair, because you and I only deserve eternal conscious torment and everlasting punishment.

We get the very best promises and the very best blessings. We are divinely rich, which they were not. We are indwelled with all three persons of the godhead, and they were not.

We are seated with Christ in the heavenly places, but they will never know that experientially as we do and will. We are sons of God, we are future kings and lords in the kingdom of God on earth. We are ministers of the New Testament, and they were not.

We inherit EVERYTHING and those little ‘stephanos’ victors wreaths Christ awards us at the mercy seat of the lamb (reward seat, ‘bema’) we cast at the feet of Christ (Revelation 4:1-11) when His kingdom is established on earth over “the meek” who shall “inherit the earth”. We all go into the future equally divinely rich in Christ which Israel will never experience or possess anything as good as that.  We will never be judged at the great white throne judgement seat with the rest of mankind on “judgement day”.

Grace is a different ‘rule of life’ than ‘Law’. Law was a punishment for a nation a long time ago, but grace is a way of life for grace believers which is separate and distinct from ‘law’. Heresy is misplacing biblical things in their biblical timeframe. Don’t you dare go back to law, and don’t you dare mix law into grace.

The Apostle Paul would not tolerate that for even one hour.


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