blog problem

When I paid for the domain name ownership on this site for a year, I assumed it was monetized and that all I would have to do is write on this instead of facebook just as tough and hard as I do on there and enough people would click and I would just change the format of what I already do on facebook to this format on and be compensated instead of spending three years working and not being compensated. I was not correct. I don’t think its monetized still at this point but the truth is I don’t even know.

I would have been in a productive groove otherwise, but when I emailed customer service at WordAds, they said I wasn’t monetized through them because nobody wanted to advertise on my blog yet. Thats when I realized I might not be monetized at all on the other two monetization avenues available to premium users. I wouldn’t be wasting my time on if I wasn’t trying to earn a living.

When I found out I wasn’t monetized just because I paid for domain name ownership to be monetized and for no other reason, I didn’t blog every single day because this is frustrating and I feel deceived out of my Mom’s hard earned money.  I have never been awesome at computers, but over the past three years I have become more skilled with windows and Mac than I have ever been before.


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