I really want to make this work.


I paid $96.00 to own this domain name to WordPress.com and I thought it would be monetized after that but now I’m not so sure. I don’t endorse the practice of pastors being paid for their work in preaching and teaching. I do need to make a living however.

Spending money (my Mom’s money) on this domain name was an attempt to work from home and earn an income. I’m not giving up, but its February 12th and I still don’t know if this site is even monetized or if I get enough clicks or views if it will even ever pay me at this point. I spent with WordPress in December on the 27th.

I live on social security and charitable contributions from my Mom. I receive LINK Snap Benefit, and free ride on CTA in Chicago. I don’t believe in mental illness just because the rest of the world does.

I spent 20 years from age 16 to age 36 believing the lying field of psychiatry and disabling myself daily with psych pill consumption which ruined and destroyed my life. In 1995 this began and I took matters into my own hands in February of 2015 and studied brain anatomy on my own in the library to find out if psychiatry even knows what they are talking about, and it turned out it was a lie. I quit 1200Mg of seroquel which I had taken for 18 years and 80Mg of prozac, and 30Mg of abilify against medical advice.

I have managed to survive this long. I keep getting more and more well adjusted to life without drugs but I still have not been able to obtain financial independence from the crippling SSI payments. I hope I can figure out how to monetize this now that they got my mom’s money and I sure would like to be able to tell her I made good on the $96.00 she spent to help me.

I work long and hard hours teaching and preaching online. Sometimes I spend 20 hours straight preaching and teaching people online and didn’t even see it as a chore at all. If you read this and want to give me money, I will turn it down.

I want to earn my own money. If you give somebody money you do not help them. You only help a person if you help them earn their own money.

You might think I’m bluffing but I am not. If you don’t know how to make this go, that makes two of us. Paul had a real job making high quality tents.

The Apostle Paul received not a dime or shekel or anything for his work in the Lord. He said that he worked harder than all the other apostles combined, and he actually did, yet he refused pay and they accepted pay (which was the initial failure of the church). I also have been making YouTube videos on a channel for 3 years trying to get paid from that, and have gotten no pay.

As a psych med consumer I got hired 80 times in 20 years with 80 jobs that didn’t last because I was sedated on psych meds and for no other reason. I work hard, so don’t you go to that rancid place in your mind where you start doubting every word I say! The point of this blog is to reach out for any help concerning showing me how to monetize and grow my blog so I can earn a living from it.

I am aspiring to write and self publish books and sell on iBooks and print my own paperbacks and ship books out to purchasers. The key ingredient must be to write printable manuscripts, but I have never done this before, and the reality of it is that after 3 years of working on this and earning not one dollar, can become confusing and discouraging. I have not been able to monetize on YouTube, WordPress.com, or Facebook professional page (and I don’t even know if thats a thing).

I need to learn how to make this go. I already get through to lots of people and lots of people are learning from me every day. The money part is the only part I need to understand.

Do you know how to monetize this blog? Do you have any tips for me, or can you see that I’m doing something obviously unintelligent and missing it? I’m 39 and its time to pay my own way.

I have online banking attached to PayPal and lots of other things I have worked on to earn a living and have still come up with nothing.


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