I don’t embody what I will embody in terms of maturity in the Christian life. Each of us in Him will fully mature to our full potential of maturity in Christ. We will eventually be identical to the humanity of Christ, but never growing in respect to His deity at all.

There are three levels to Christian maturity, bearing fruit, bearing more fruit, and bearing much fruit. Every element in the universe will be burned with fervent heat, and a new heavens and a new earth will be created. We will learn steadily in this new heavens and earth without the hindrances and/or limitations of an unsaved soul and body.

Satan will be receiving his eternal conscious torment, so Satan and demons wont have ability to distract our minds. The world as a system will not be a factor either because the present (spiritual) world system will be destroyed (physically and spiritually). Eventually we will learn (mature to the point of) everything there is to know, thus reaching perfection as saints in Christ.


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