Grace is a constant and a new grace is to be had each moment … which is a paradox … and the quandary of this writ. The Mystery concerning the gospel … is the mystery for the stability of the mind for people who are already saved. The obligation obedience (which the sinful nature tires of achieving) … has an antidote or counter-thought.

Ephesians 6:19 is the gospel of peace passage which metaphors with the war sandals of the Roman soldier as the peace of mind … (I find) … in Philippians 4:8 ‘The peace which passeth all human comprehension” … or “the peace which passeth understanding”. Romans 16:25-27 is some of the explanation of this mystery gospel.

The ‘by faith’ obedience to the grace doctrine or “THE FAITH” … doctrine in the final will and testament of our Lord Jesus Christ … is the remedy for the obligatory gospel for practical life … the obligation slash guilt based cross carrying kind … with the self flagellation …  and beating up of ones self and therefore others … obedience based version of WWJD christian living …  yo! … but this spiritual understanding cometh not by the will of man … because only by the will of God shall a satanically darkened perception of God in the mind of unregenerate man … come to the light … or the difference in perception to come to understand the true light from the false … 3515730487_c8251a8325_m


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