The mind is a war zone

The mind is a war zone for spirit to compete for our attention. They are having a contest … because we arent believing every spirit. We are discerning spirits rationally.

An anxious thought crosses our mind … so we begin to discern it. Adrenaline and amino acid secretes into our central nervous system … as we continue to think. We might be confused … and uncertain concerning something … but a grounding or touching down in reality escapes us.

Theres something happening here. It’s not exactly clear to us what it is. We know we discerning spirits.

Spirits have many different rankings … which classifications are their titles. Thrones, rulers, principalities, and spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places are dwelling on stars as their ‘abodes’. They travel faster than the speed of light.

Mental space exists. The universe exists and we exist. We exist in the universe. Space is mental, and mental space exists. We teach have our own mental space which is our own mental space. Each of our bodies exist within time and space.

Time and space is our Fathers house in which there are many dwelling places. Spirits are verbal rational beings. Spirits are messengers.

Spirits communicate perceptions or assessments of experiences we have. These comprehensions are propositioning us … for us to believe realities … and we continue to contemplate. We are making spiritual decisions.

We aren’t believing every spirit. We are believing spirits though. We are believing spirits exist, and that they are communicating verbal rational thoughts to our minds … but we are also understanding that some of them are dark spirits masquerading as messengers of light.

We don’t want to be deceived. We want to know and understand the truth … and we want to walk in the light. This is because we are children of the light.

Those who get drunk … get drunk at night. We want to walk circumspectly. We want to redeem the time and make the most of every opportunity … because the days are evil.


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