There is no such thing as an ‘unknown sin’ today. ‘Confess’ means ‘same word’. ‘Confessing’ an unknown sin is an error because if you don’t know what sin you committed … you cannot confess it because confess means ‘same … word’.

“HOMO-LOGOMEN” (homo = same …logomen = word) is the greek term in 1st John 1:9 for “CONFESS” which means simply ”same word”. One must know what sin is, by understanding intellectually what a sin is , if one wants to be forgiven for their sin. This is completely removed from the Catholic idea of ‘confession’.



“I don’t know” is no confession at all.  Many believers think they do nothing but sin 24 hours per day because of terrible books like ‘Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” by Johnathan Edwards and the mainstream reformed dogmas of the apostate ‘Christian Church”. God is not angry but happy.


Fornication is a confessable sin … and confession isn’t a “work”. Adultery is a different sin. The retention of filthy thoughts in the minds eye is a sin … and boasting of past sexual conquests even if its to say you’re ashamed of it is a sin.

These are works from the sinful nature … and no performing of any good work will enable us to become spiritual. Lying is a sin, actually murdering a person is a sin, and teaching heresy is a sin. Anything that is not of faith is a sin … which the same thing as doing anything at all while doubt exists in the mind.

Gluttony is not a sin. Working on Sunday or Saturday is not a sin.  Pronouncing the word “God” from our mouths is not a sin.

Getting angry is not a sin … and  expressing anger is not a sin. Getting drunk is not a sin … and all these things that are not a sin are only not a sin when done by faith that they are not sins. When done in doubt they are … because any ordinarily good thing when done in doubt becomes a sin.

Confession of a sin is best when its done in the silence of our own heart. We walk by faith and not by sight. Sight deals with one of the five senses and hearing is one of the five senses also.

Sound consists of compressions and rarefactions in the air. Sound is physical in that sense. Forgiveness of sins is spiritual not tangible or ‘physical’.

We should Confess to one another that we have sinful natures … but not the sins we did.  Also in James 5:16 its ‘pray ON BEHALF OF one another” or “OVER” one another … but the simple term “FOR” will also do. We ‘same word’ with each other when we agree we have the sinful nature.


The common understanding of this is that we snitch on ourselves with each other in an attempt to eradicate whichever practices from our lives. I’ve noticed this never works.









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