DECEMBER 13th, 10:37pm From Marginal Ministry’z Headquarter’z it’z tha Marginalized Minista bangin’ them key’z on my CPU …

What is it to really grow to the next level of spiritual maturity in the Christian life? Is it possible to move from one level of spiritual maturity to the next? Yes … it is … and the levels of spiritual maturity are bearing fruit … bearing more fruit … and bearing much fruit.

Learning how to live with the spiritual/intellectual enemies, and grow in relation to them, is what I am coming to understand the twelfth chapter of second corinthians also is teaching us. Paul besought the Lord three times that the thorn in the flesh (sinful nature), and the messenger from satan given to torment him (Satan and Demons/ personal demon) be removed from him. Christ’s response to the request was that His grace was sufficient.

Satan and Demons fire cravings into our thoughts when our thoughts are already patterning and being further patterned according to the Holy Spirit’s will for the ordering of our individual lifestyles. When we are on course with the order God provides for our private lives … (the order He provides for our inner thoughts in our minds patterns) … Satan and Demons will attack us spiritually in our rational minds with contrary patterned thoughts which enter into our minds against our will. Lusts or cravings or fiery arrows or flaming darts or ‘strong desires’ are countered by the full armor of God mentally. Orion Constellation (ground-based image)


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