resurrections and ‘crowns’

theres more than one group of saints in the Scriptures … theres more than one resurrection (yet future) of groups of people. The rapture (any minute now) will be the resurrection of only grace believers from the first century until today … and the resurrection of hell bound humans happens long after the rapture resurrection of the in Christ saints. We wont be judged together with unsaved humanity at the same time as them.

Romans 8:1 explains to us that there is therefore NOW … no condemnation for those of us in Christ Jesus. That means there is none in this life for us … nor in ‘the life to come’. We shall judge angels … and we ourselves won’t incur the wrath or punitive justice of God which the unbelievers deserve as much as we do … But God graced us and we believed in Him.

The extra four possible ‘crowns’ are levels of authority in the millennial kingdom of God over earths dwellers. After the Kingdom of God is accomplished (1000 years after it begins) all of us have the same level of eternal reward, and authority or power. The one which cannot be removed from us … which one is that? (hint Rev.3:11)


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