01/17/2019 “Thursday Marginal Mystery Minister Blog”. 4:24pm from Chicago IL


     Thank God for the forgiveness of sins and thats mercy. Thank You Father for the mercy You bestowed upon me in the forgiving of my sin act and carnality by way of same wording the Bible in my mind which You read. Thank You Heavenly Father for being the God who can read my mind. 

     Thank You for the shield concerning the faith with which we will extinguish the flaming arrows of the evil one. Thank You for the reception in our rational minds from The Holy Spirit of the enabling quality of mind He alone provides. Love Joy Peace Patience Kindness Goodness Meekness Faithfulness Self-Control (the mind enablement nonagon 9 sided quality of mind He the Holy Spirit provides us when we lack in Christ likeness … which this becomes His enablement or “filling” … as in being filled with the Spirit) in our rational minds. 

     Thank You for how big Marginal Mystery Ministry’z has grown now in 2019 from our beginning in 2015. Thank You to all the readers who have grown in their personal understanding of Gods word together with me as we have gone through the journey inward together (in terms of fellowship and openness with one another about Your Holy Word). Thank You for the members who have antiquated the field of mental health in their personal bodies by the cessation of psychiatric medications (and non Holy Spiritual faith in hypothesis).

     Thank You Heavenly Father for the learning of the mystery of the feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace for the stabilization of the Christian mind (as well as the other 11 revealed mysteries in the new testament we have been looking into). Thank You for those of us who might have become un-bitter of heart as so many have opened their hearts in the most intimate of ways with me (and Your grace to us has been so profound to so many of us, and has broken lifelong patterns of sinful nature’s in so many’s minds). Thank You for freedom from unwarranted guilt being the first order of business with everybody who is new to the marginal perspective this ministry has to give. 

     Thank You for the guilt trip evaporation and happy grace we all find with one another as we discover just how pleased You always are with God (God who is the Son or ‘The Son of God’) and therefore You are pleased just the same with us because we have died and our lives are hidden with Christ in God. Thank You for our final state in Christlike perfection (in eternity future). Thank You that we will never attain to deity yet for the human perfection our eternal new Christlike bodies shall be (and for the hope of eternal life).  

     Thank You Heavenly Father for the freedom to relax the overactive efforts from the sinful nature to achieve spirituality. Thank You for the ability to dodge the bullets of Satan in the mind easy when ready minded relaxation is occurring (when looking around mindset preparation is in place). Thank You when Satan buffets me spiritually/rationally/mentally, that a premeditated victory exists in my will.  

     Thank You Heavenly Father that the will of premeditated victory sure foots my thoughts to eliminate the threat of the fiery arrow (from Satan and demons) to my spiritually enabled and maturing mindset (on things above). Thank You that in my decision making process I’m examining my own mind in the inter momentary realm with discernment of spirits. Thank You for the meat of the word which is only for the mature who by experience have had their senses trained to discern good from evil.  

     Thank You for the hope of eternal life and the anticipation of the rapture of the church (and for the Church not being Israel, and for the rapture not being the second coming of Christ but His human body coming to the clouds and snatching us up with the dead in Christ who shall rise first, and then the second coming being 7 years later after we spend 7 years in our new bodies in the 3rd heaven with Christ before we return with Him on clouds of glory to rule the nations and the jews for one thousand years from the new city in the sky.) Thank You for accepting us in the beloved. Thank You for supplying sufficient grace to us in our minds with the gift of a 100% brand new in quality mind which we shall receive biologically but which we also don’t have to wait for because it already belongs to us by faith). 


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