Happy Snowing Saturday from snowy Chicago

Marginal Mystery Ministry’z Blog Saturday January 19th, 2019 11:33am from Chicago, IL 

It’s snowing like a snowstorm out right now, and I’m sitting at Chicago Grind on my grind (which is writing blogs and producing intellectual content in an ever developing manner). I’m not qualified to teach another man, or woman, but I still teach men and women anyway. I’m just an ordinary 40 year old single male who lives alone and has a disproportionate amount of Bible knowledge to everybody else. 

     I only want to grow and mature in Christ to my fun potential while on earth, because if I don’t while I’m on earth I’ll still become perfect anyway (according to the promises of God to me in the Bible which I believe by faith). Being happy while in Christ is the norm, but some of us haven’t experienced that. I haven’t really experienced it yet either but I just believe I will (based on the knowledge of the word of God). 

     If The Faith in the new testament isn’t real, it’s not. It’s might not be, and I don’t assert to you that it is for you or that I have any proof even for my own belief. The biblical faith cannot have any proof because then it can’t be faith. What I have isn’t blind faith though.

     I have faith in a rational understanding of an objectified (written down) detailed document. I don’t have proof and thats the whole point. It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince anyone they’ve already been fooled (something like that was said by a fellow named Mark Twain).  

     I just had a major setback in my spiritual growth process because I committed a true sin yesterday. I sinned again today. By faith I’m believing its ok to walk through the rest of the day today without sinning. 

     It’s not a sin to be a sinner (or to have a sinful nature). It’s a sin to sin a sin because of not resisting a craving from the sinful nature, or because of not resisting a craving from Satan and demons. Satan and demons do not attack incessantly and neither does the sinful nature. 

     I have a friend in the Philippines who says ‘spirits are celestial and terrestrial and in every prayer we fight satan and demons’ … however its not in our every prayer that we fight Satan and demons. We do not fight the sinful nature or flesh in every prayer either. The sinful nature is a daily feat to overcome, but Satan and demons are not every day attacking us. 

     When we enter into His rest, we can go through prolonged periods of no spiritual attacks at all. Entering into His rest is something many of us seem to have come short of. This rest isn’t the creation rest God rested on the seventh day, nor is it the rest God commanded Israel not the church to rest on the ‘sabbath day’ (which is never Gods will for us His Saints in Christ and we are not part of Israel.)   

     At any rate … Moving forward I want to self produce and self publish books both online and paperback. I have a YouTube channel and this blog. I have about 16 facebook pages that I write on every day for the past 4 years or so. 

     I have made zero dollars and zero cents so far after 4 years of working on this thing called marginal ministries. AdSense and PayPal are in place. I filled out a w2 for YouTube. 

     What I hope to do besides wait for the rapture is incorporate this somehow into a company of my intellectual property being purchased, and advertisers earning dollars by attaching their ads to my work which I’m trying to keep free for the readers as much as I can … free 100% I would keep it if possible. Most important is my own personal spiritual growth and understanding because thats what I have to write about for you and thats what involves you. You really don’t have to do a thing except be lead by the Spirit of God to keep reading this like a hopeless crack addict feens for the next hit every day. 

     I am being perfected through sufferings and you are too. Even Christ Jesus was perfected by the things He suffered (Hebrews 5:1-4). Wether we do right or wrong suffering will still be our teacher. Its an appointment with suffering, so don’t be late. img_4935


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