Paul’s Mystery Gospel (blog 2)

Paul’s Mystery Gospel is only to spiritual grace believers in Christ. Carnal grace believers cant be bothered with the time it takes to pick through the Scriptures to discover it’s meaning by associating every reference to it with every other reference to it. Carnal Saints are ‘infant minded’ and of mystified mind in relation to spiritual maturity.

Paul’s Mystery Gospel enables us by explaining to us where to direct the rational mind. The rational mind travels faster than the speed of light. Think about the crab nebula for instants, and just that quick the rational mind is there.

The place to direct the rational mind beyond is Polaris The North Star. The earth is the center of the universe, Polaris is true north which is 433 plus light years from earth, and God The Fathers throne is beyond Polaris. Christ is seated upon God The Fathers throne, and the grace believer in Christ is seated in Christ.


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