giving people hope and making people happy

if you want to give a person some hope … then let em know what to expect from you and deliver it on time. Do something good for somebody else and that makes people happy. Be an agent of happiness instead of believing the worlds lie that each person is responsible for their own happiness. If youre a saint, and Im a saint … im responsible to make you happy in fellowshipping with you … and hope is knowing what to expect like a light at the end of a tunnel. Anybody can make it through any difficulty when they anticipate happiness … even if its not yet. Be man or woman of your word though and dont let people down … and on the other hand don’t be ‘non-committal’ and take on some responsibility without being asked by someone in charge … and do it. Youre in charge because youre a Saint.. so act like it. youre a priest but not the catholic kind. we will be kings and lords in the future too with the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS too. I’m no more of an authority on God’s word than you are. No other man is either. or woman . BOOM ! now you know.a light at the IMG_5336


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