‘Not Guilty by Reason of Temporary Insanity’ and the ‘Involuntary 72 Hour Hold’ (by Sam Hencier)

Politically the plea of ‘not guilty by reason of temporary insanity’, as a means of dismissing the true murderer, is injustice at its very heart. This world system is a ‘spider web’ which needs one injustice to exist in order to perpetuate another injustice at the other end of the spectrum. ‘Forced’ ‘involuntary’ or ‘coerced’ psychiatry is dependent upon the acceptance of the ‘not guilty by reason of temporary insanity’ plea within the criminal justice system. 

‘Psychiatry/psychology’ condescends to it’s true victims mercilessly. There’s nothing absolutely true or good about it. Said enterprise has anesthetized the entire world with commercials for pills, which cure hypothetical diseases, which have not yet been discovered (or proven to exist within nature) with any real science. 

The mental health system is therefore no branch of medicine but rather a branch of law. Informed consent must include three elements to meet the criteria to actually be informed consent: 1. The dangers/risks of the course of treatment being recommended, 2. Alternative courses of treatment not offered by the one providing informed consent, and 3. The option of ‘non-treatment’. Human and civil rights are routinely violated every day in the field of ‘mental health’.

Emergency room psychiatrists make judgments on wether or not their specimen should be allowed to be free, or if they should be imprisoned, based on the criteria of if they are a danger to themselves or others. This job is a jurisdiction instead of the role of a ‘physician’. The role of the physician (amongst many other things) is to keep the Hippocratic oath which they swore by when becoming a medical doctor (which is to heal in any way they can, and in a case where they can’t heal their patient to at least do no harm). 

If the specimen gives no indications as to themselves being a danger to anyone else or themselves, they can still be involuntarily imprisoned if a third party on the phone or in person says they deem the specimen is a danger to themselves or others to the E.R. psychiatrist. The shot caller in the E.R. has the responsibility to capitalism which every other citizen in said capitalist society has, to earn the most they possibly can to provide for themselves and their loved dependents. The scales of justice are imbalanced instead of the chemistry in the brain of the innocent victim. 

Removing the insanity plea from the criminal injustice system would be justice. It wont really ever happen, and I don’t want to change the world to be the way it really should be. The reason it would be justice, is that when a man or woman murders (the taking of a human life unjustly and not in the righteous way) they should be laid to rest as their actions deserve.

Capitol offenses mandate capitol punishments. The true murderer is slapped on the wrist and the innocent psych victim has every human and civil right removed so the prison industrial complex can profit. Big Pharmaceutical has sales reps but they are actually the psychiatrists who get the dope to the final unwilling ‘customer’. 

Every side effect of these atrocious poisons called ‘psych meds’ are violations of medical doctors Hippocratic oaths sworn (which is their honor in society) when forced and not voluntarily consumed. Hospital musclemen inject with needles unwilling recipients with drugs. Other ways drugs are forced into the bodies of innocent victims are by means of false imprisonment. 

The incarcerated specimen is held under lock and key and its explained to them that they will never be permitted freedom if the don’t comply with the psychiatrists order to consume the poison. It then becomes a matter of time until the specimen ‘voluntarily’ consumes the poison. This goes down in record as compliance instead of coercion. 

It’s actually involuntary on the part of the innocent victim. The psychiatrist has the privilege of dictating what reality is to suit their vested interests in earning more and more money for the paying of their mortgage and car notes as well as their children’s

educations. The innocent victim at the other end of the spectrum has no rights to freedom of speech or peaceable protest whatsoever while incarcerated. 

The psychiatrist has absolute political power over their subject. They can do whatever is in their own best interest (which its in every Americans best interest to earn more money legally). Forced psychiatry is legal but its not constitutional. My patriotic responsibility to my capitalist society (as a shameless capitalist myself) is to make the contribution which I just made to you. 


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