Overcoming spiritual enemies (March 23rd 2019 9:21am Saturday Chicago Time from Sam)

Walking according to the Spirit is the same as walking in cadence with the Holy Spirit. Walking with Him is a happy joyous and free existence. All the same problems in time and space exist when we walk by the spirit as when we walk by the sinful nature. 

Mentality is key as we have our hope fixed on Christ Jesus and His better promises to us in Christ. We believe in His grace and mercy and in the effects thereof in our lives. We thankfully credit Him with value and worth. 

He is worthy of all praise honor glory exaltation eulogy thanks gratitude power authority awe and attention. He is The Light. He is all the fulness of God Himself enthroned in unapproachable light too blinding for a mortal to face. 

He is above the anointed Cherub. He is above the starry spaces. Cherubim and Seraphim fall before His throne. 

Fellowshipping with one another is what we are doing when we are walking in The Light. Each of us who have been crucified with Christ (Galatians 2:20), have been buried risen ascended and SEATED in Christ (Romans 6:1-5). Being filled with the Holy Spirit (with the fruit from the Spirit Gal.5:22) we maintain a walking according to the Holy Spirit in our inter momentary realm today by faith. 

Ordering our own affairs (planning our work and working our plan) is the everyday grind for each of us. While He at times changes our plan for the day, he still has the order of us making our own plans each day and working to carry them out (even when He takes over and we find out our plan for that day wasn’t His and we did His plan instead and walked according to the spirit) (Instead of being so stubborn and sticking to “plan A” (our own plan) that we made the devil happy by acting independently of God).   

When we have our old nature rendered inoperative we are not by that living the righteous will of God unless we are living the righteous will of God. Confession of sins brings mercy and forgiveness and puts us in the freedom to walk by the Spirit. We still must walk by the spirit because we didn’t do that just by confessing our sins and sin. 

If we asked God to forgive us we shouldn’t have. He never said said to ask for His forgiveness. If we knew what the sin was then we knew His exact word as to what that sin was and thats what confession is. 

Living now is a separate matter. We are eternally right with the person of God the Son before during and after the commission or omission which constituted the true sin act which has been confessed. Confessing or ‘speaking the same word as’ is just the start.

Now walking is available to us as a privilege and not as a requirement. By our own determination we live the known righteous will of God out for us in real time, moment by moment. We posture ourselves to continue in His grace reflecting His radiance (to the stars and not unto humans very much at all). 

Adultery, fornication, heresy, murder, and lying: will all change our mode of operation. Many other evils are not sins but unrighteousnesses and disobediences. Confessing unrighteousnesses and disobediences as sins is rampant in the body of Christ today. 

Sin is only what God calls sin and sin is against God only and never man. Since sin is against God, and not man, only God has the right to say what it is for us here and now today. Confessing the sin of lust for instance is very common when a person fornicated or committed adultery. 

Any sexual activity at all outside of God’s way is sin. The lust to commit fornication or adultery is not the sin of fornication or adultery. The lust to do either of those is not the temptation to do either of those. 

The lust to do those comes from the sinful nature instead of Satan or the world system. The lust is a disruption in the minds of us, and we have the responsibility to be ready for such a mental attack and put the lust to fornicate away from our thoughts before it becomes our very own and converts into a temptation. The sin is never the lust or the temptation. 

It goes one two three: lust, temptation, and then sin. Every sin starts in the mind as a lust from one of the three spiritual enemies. There are over thirty lusts listed in Scripture but only 4 have anything to do with sexual immorality. 


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