‘Walk by the spirit/Spirit’ (March 23rd 2019 Saturday Morning 8:08am from Sam)

In my being dwells another self. My being knows the difference between it’s old self, it’s new self, and my being itself  as neither. The old nature/self is not the human nature and the new nature/self is not the divine nature or ‘divine self’. 

The human nature (instead of the sin nature) was crucified with Christ, buried with Christ, has been risen with Christ, has ascended with Christ, and sits in Christ who sits on the Father’s throne presently. I, not my sinful nature, have been baptized into Christ without any water. The old rotting corruptible nature which controlled, and can today control the (old rotting corruptible) body is the one I hope to render useless this morning instead of the promised Christlike nature being considered useless. 

If I confess my sin acts, done in real time, my sinful nature will still exist in my person while my every sin act (or omission of righteous acting also being a sin instead of a nature) will be removed. ‘Confess your sins one to another’ I don’t think means to tell another brother or sister about something you specifically did, but rather to communicate for certain that we were born in sin and still have the same nature we were born with in our mortal bodies today (though we are currently rendering the old nature inoperative). In 1John 1:8, John says that whoever says they have not sinned makes God a liar and therefore 1John 1:8 isn’t referring to an act of sin (or omission of righteousness which is also an act of sin) and none of us should be as the ignorant and unstable saints today who say the sin nature is gone now that they are born again because they are wrong.  

If I have carnality as my current state of being, it’s because I stopped walking by the spirit when I sinned a true sin. God’s mercy forgives us when we own WHAT HE CALLS the sin we sinned (if we sinned the sin), and not the sin we think we sinned, while He doesn’t call the thing we think is a sin, a sin. If I have carnality as my current state of being/operation, my sinful nature makes the determinations of my day.  

If I have carnality as my current state of being, I am not therefore walking according to the Holy Spirit in my life. Walking according to the Holy Spirit involves voluntary non mandatory actions in real life days of the 24 hour variety. Therefore if I have sinned and I have called it the right thing (in my own understanding of myself to myself and my resident teacher God the Holy Spirit), I can render myself dead to the sin nature and by the grace He had already been supplying (until the supply of His mercy upon my confession and after the mercy the grace continues) and now by faith in His grace to me, I can count the forgiveness and the reception of the mercy to be real and true for me from God as I continue the faith walking in His energizing instead of the energizing’s which were from the sinful nature. 

I can understand my every thought and peace from Christ comforts my soul. The glad tidings to the already saved Saints in Christ shall overcome every method of each ones personal messenger from Satan’s disruptive mind disruptions. The full armor of God is to be taken up all at once on the evil day. 

Clarity of mind reminds of Paul’s words concerning they whom have had their senses trained to discern good from evil. Eating the meat of the word is the task for the spiritually maturing ones. The more we move forward and north into our eventual Christlikeness, the stronger our sinful nature becomes. With every minute of spiritual maturity our sinful nature becomes one minute more powerful. 

Believing His word is enablement to accomplish His will today. His Holy Spirit exists in my heart. He exists in me and the Father does also. 

Truth first, then position in Christ, then mentality changed about placement in Christ. Then the faith, then Salvation, then The Holy Spirit illuminates our hearts to His word. Then we think about the saints on the planet whom the evil one is buffeting (we pray concerning them as they are trialed, and mentally disrupted by their own personal messenger from Satan). (given by God to them to torment them and wreak chaos in their life to mature them into further Christlikeness). 


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