The mind is a war zone

The mind is a war zone for spirit to compete for our attention. They are having a contest … because we arent believing every spirit. We are discerning spirits rationally.

An anxious thought crosses our mind … so we begin to discern it. Adrenaline and amino acid secretes into our central nervous system … as we continue to think. We might be confused … and uncertain concerning something … but a grounding or touching down in reality escapes us.

Theres something happening here. It’s not exactly clear to us what it is. We know we discerning spirits.

Spirits have many different rankings … which classifications are their titles. Thrones, rulers, principalities, and spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places are dwelling on stars as their ‘abodes’. They travel faster than the speed of light.

Mental space exists. The universe exists and we exist. We exist in the universe. Space is mental, and mental space exists. We teach have our own mental space which is our own mental space. Each of our bodies exist within time and space.

Time and space is our Fathers house in which there are many dwelling places. Spirits are verbal rational beings. Spirits are messengers.

Spirits communicate perceptions or assessments of experiences we have. These comprehensions are propositioning us … for us to believe realities … and we continue to contemplate. We are making spiritual decisions.

We aren’t believing every spirit. We are believing spirits though. We are believing spirits exist, and that they are communicating verbal rational thoughts to our minds … but we are also understanding that some of them are dark spirits masquerading as messengers of light.

We don’t want to be deceived. We want to know and understand the truth … and we want to walk in the light. This is because we are children of the light.

Those who get drunk … get drunk at night. We want to walk circumspectly. We want to redeem the time and make the most of every opportunity … because the days are evil.



Grace is a constant and a new grace is to be had each moment … which is a paradox … and the quandary of this writ. The Mystery concerning the gospel … is the mystery for the stability of the mind for people who are already saved. The obligation obedience (which the sinful nature tires of achieving) … has an antidote or counter-thought.

Ephesians 6:19 is the gospel of peace passage which metaphors with the war sandals of the Roman soldier as the peace of mind … (I find) … in Philippians 4:8 ‘The peace which passeth all human comprehension” … or “the peace which passeth understanding”. Romans 16:25-27 is some of the explanation of this mystery gospel.

The ‘by faith’ obedience to the grace doctrine or “THE FAITH” … doctrine in the final will and testament of our Lord Jesus Christ … is the remedy for the obligatory gospel for practical life … the obligation slash guilt based cross carrying kind … with the self flagellation …  and beating up of ones self and therefore others … obedience based version of WWJD christian living …  yo! … but this spiritual understanding cometh not by the will of man … because only by the will of God shall a satanically darkened perception of God in the mind of unregenerate man … come to the light … or the difference in perception to come to understand the true light from the false … 3515730487_c8251a8325_m


Wouldn’t it just be so wonderful if we had a mental illness which was what was holding us back in life  … and the simple easy way to solve the problem was to take a little miracle pill like on Alice in Wonderland?

The Mystery concerning the Christ as a New Creation

Thank You Father God for God the Holy Spirit’s illumination, restraint, guidance, grief, quenching, filling, and comfort. Thank You for food clothing and shelter. Thank You for sanity and clarity of mind.

Confession of sins is the removal of sins from our record with God. The blood of Christ does not cover my sin, but rather removes them. The blood of Christ doesn’t cover sins and never did solely from the Biblical data.

Before you dismiss me altogether, ask yourself if the Bible teaches this or not instead of if it is the common teaching in Churches. The blood of Old Testament animal sacrifices certainly did cover over the sins of the people Israel for 1500 years. The blood of Jesus however never covered their sins.

The blood of Jesus doesn’t cover our sins either. The blood of Jesus removes our sins from us. Our sins are forgiven when Gods word says our sins are forgiven.

The blood of Old Testament sacrifices covered the sins of the Israelites from God’s wrath. God has no hostility toward Christians. God had hostility toward Israelites for the time period of Mosaic law.

Israelites from 1500 B.C. to 34 Anno Domini were not recipients of God’s grace gospel and promises to in Christ Saints. These Israelites were not saved in the same sense that you and I are. They were saved by keeping the works of the law of Moses.

The remnant of Israel was not in Christ, they are not in Christ presently, and they will  not be in Christ during the millennial reign of Christ in the future Kingdom of God on earth. In Christ placement is not theirs but only ours, or those of us who have believed the grace of God for us. They are the kingdom of heaven, and we are not the kingdom of heaven.

We in Christ are the Kingdom of God. The kingdom of heaven is righteous Israel. The kingdom of God is every in Christ grace believer from the beginning of the body of Christ (34 A.D. to present and until the rapture of the body of Christ (1Thess. 4:16-18) )

The body of Christ is a term with two meanings. One of its meanings is the human resurrected body of Jesus which was nailed to the tree, buried, and literally physically actually rose from the grave and is literally physically actually seated upon the Fathers throne in the 3rd heaven. The other is all of the in Christ Saints human bodies both living and dead which are in Christ (and only in Christ and not the righteous Israel who were not are not and wont be in Christ).

Gods chosen people today is not Israel. Today God’s chosen people are Christians in Christ. Righteous Israel are not Christians in Christ.

“But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light: which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy.”

“Hebrew Nationalism” is the black version of reformed theology in the following ways: 1. Reformed Theology teaches that all peoples of God, during all periods of human history have always been saved by grace through faith the the gospel of the death burial and resurrection of Christ.  and 2. that Gods chosen people have always been righteous Israel and always will be which Christians in Christ are grafted into Israel making one people of God for all time.

Hebrew Nationalism teaches the black Jesus and that the Hebrews are black people and that just as reformed theology teaches Israel is the true church. This denies the distinction which exists in Scripture between Israel and the Church and therefore the kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven are synonymous according to both Hebrew nationalism and reformed theology. Both teach a singular ‘people of God’ and also both teach the preference of God toward Israel rather than the grace believer in Christ body of Christ as the new creation.

This is one of 12 revealed mysteries in Scripture. This mystery is “the mystery of the Christ body Church as a new (in time and quality) creation. New not old. God’s chosen race, God’s royal priesthood, God’s holy nation, and the people for God’s own possession in 1Peter 2:9 are only the New Testament grace believing in Christ body ‘church’.

We didn’t exist before the day of pentecost Acts 2:1. Thats why we are the new creation. The Christ body Church is the new in time and quality creation. mysterypeople_cityscape_72


Good morning Saints in Christ (Thank God its Thursday T.G.I.T.)

Thank You Heavenly Father for this day, and thank You for Isaiah, Stacie, Eli, Danielle, Henry, Jason, Jeremy, Claire, Mark, and many others whom have participated in this ministry in the exposure of their minds to the truth of Your word. Thank You for the ability to decipher between the Old and The New Testament. Thank You for making a New Testament with the Saints in Christ for us today and for the first ones in the first century.

Thank You for the grace in which we now stand and for the precious promises to us which are better than the promises You Yourself made to Israel. (Hebrews 11:40) Thank You for the fellowship we have which is never truly broken in Christ with one another. Thank You for my two followers on this blog, the minister and the lady, who I have not gotten to know yet.

Thank You for grace making sense to us of all the perplexities which come from being different from the rest of the world and truly not ultimately belonging here, but that we do belong here for now. Thank You that this present cosmos system (world) is passing away, and thank You that we are NOT passing away, and Your word is NOT passing away. Thank You for the New Jerusalem which shall endure the fervent heat which the rest of the elements in the universe shall not endure.

Thank You that we shall not be burned with fervent heat when the elements of the universe ARE melted/burned/destroyed with fervent heat. (2Peter 3:10-12) Thank You for the promise that there will be a new heavens (universe) and a new earth without a sun for Christ Jesus shall illuminate the new heavens and the new earth. Thank You that the wicked have nothing good to look forward to in the future, and for how we can tolerate the most wicked things in the world today knowing that not a single one of the evildoers will get away with any evil whatsoever.

Thank You that first, before the earth and its works are burned up (and before the elements of the universe are destroyed with fervent heat) that we ourselves will reign and rule with Christ over the earth-dwellers (which we will not dwell on the earth, but in the city in the sky the New Jerusalem) for one thousand earth years as we understand earth years today.  Thank You for the day of atonement which is part the Law the Son Of God gave to Moses.