resurrections and ‘crowns’

theres more than one group of saints in the Scriptures … theres more than one resurrection (yet future) of groups of people. The rapture (any minute now) will be the resurrection of only grace believers from the first century until today … and the resurrection of hell bound humans happens long after the rapture resurrection of the in Christ saints. We wont be judged together with unsaved humanity at the same time as them.

Romans 8:1 explains to us that there is therefore NOW … no condemnation for those of us in Christ Jesus. That means there is none in this life for us … nor in ‘the life to come’. We shall judge angels … and we ourselves won’t incur the wrath or punitive justice of God which the unbelievers deserve as much as we do … But God graced us and we believed in Him.

The extra four possible ‘crowns’ are levels of authority in the millennial kingdom of God over earths dwellers. After the Kingdom of God is accomplished (1000 years after it begins) all of us have the same level of eternal reward, and authority or power. The one which cannot be removed from us … which one is that? (hint Rev.3:11)


thoughts on the mystery concerning the gospel (12/16/2018 10:59am)

The mystery concerning the gospel is revelation that didn’t exist in objectified (written down) form until God revealed it to a man in the first century. This revelation is not according to any Old Testament scriptures nor Matt. Mark or Luke … which re technically the Old Testament also. This revealed mystery contains the sandals of peace or ‘feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace” which Christ taught us by implication of teaching it to Paul in Ephesians 6:15-18.

This gospel is not to unbelievers to believe in to be saved. This gospel is only to maturing Saints in Christ … the only people who can have the faith to obey it. Carnal believers cannot comprehend this mystery revealed in the word of God because they don’t have the illumination from God the Holy Spirit required to comprehend such a wonderful truth.

Romans 16:25-27 is how we know its not to unbelievers. This is the gospel Paul was discussing in Galatians 1 also. He asked the Ephesian saints to pray concerning him that he boldly proclaim this mystery gospel … and I believe its the gospel he was referring to in saying ‘woe is me if I preach not the gospel’. 48356058_2426139390749382_8192499733135097856_n

DECEMBER 13th, 10:37pm From Marginal Ministry’z Headquarter’z it’z tha Marginalized Minista bangin’ them key’z on my CPU …

What is it to really grow to the next level of spiritual maturity in the Christian life? Is it possible to move from one level of spiritual maturity to the next? Yes … it is … and the levels of spiritual maturity are bearing fruit … bearing more fruit … and bearing much fruit.

Learning how to live with the spiritual/intellectual enemies, and grow in relation to them, is what I am coming to understand the twelfth chapter of second corinthians also is teaching us. Paul besought the Lord three times that the thorn in the flesh (sinful nature), and the messenger from satan given to torment him (Satan and Demons/ personal demon) be removed from him. Christ’s response to the request was that His grace was sufficient.

Satan and Demons fire cravings into our thoughts when our thoughts are already patterning and being further patterned according to the Holy Spirit’s will for the ordering of our individual lifestyles. When we are on course with the order God provides for our private lives … (the order He provides for our inner thoughts in our minds patterns) … Satan and Demons will attack us spiritually in our rational minds with contrary patterned thoughts which enter into our minds against our will. Lusts or cravings or fiery arrows or flaming darts or ‘strong desires’ are countered by the full armor of God mentally. Orion Constellation (ground-based image)

Recovering From a Bout With Carnality

There is no such thing as an ‘unknown sin’ today. ‘Confess’ means ‘same word’. ‘Confessing’ an unknown sin is an error because if you don’t know what sin you committed … you cannot confess it because confess means ‘same … word’.

“HOMO-LOGOMEN” (homo = same …logomen = word) is the greek term in 1st John 1:9 for “CONFESS” which means simply ”same word”. One must know what sin is, by understanding intellectually what a sin is , if one wants to be forgiven for their sin. This is completely removed from the Catholic idea of ‘confession’.



“I don’t know” is no confession at all.  Many believers think they do nothing but sin 24 hours per day because of terrible books like ‘Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” by Johnathan Edwards and the mainstream reformed dogmas of the apostate ‘Christian Church”. God is not angry but happy.


Fornication is a confessable sin … and confession isn’t a “work”. Adultery is a different sin. The retention of filthy thoughts in the minds eye is a sin … and boasting of past sexual conquests even if its to say you’re ashamed of it is a sin.

These are works from the sinful nature … and no performing of any good work will enable us to become spiritual. Lying is a sin, actually murdering a person is a sin, and teaching heresy is a sin. Anything that is not of faith is a sin … which the same thing as doing anything at all while doubt exists in the mind.

Gluttony is not a sin. Working on Sunday or Saturday is not a sin.  Pronouncing the word “God” from our mouths is not a sin.

Getting angry is not a sin … and  expressing anger is not a sin. Getting drunk is not a sin … and all these things that are not a sin are only not a sin when done by faith that they are not sins. When done in doubt they are … because any ordinarily good thing when done in doubt becomes a sin.

Confession of a sin is best when its done in the silence of our own heart. We walk by faith and not by sight. Sight deals with one of the five senses and hearing is one of the five senses also.

Sound consists of compressions and rarefactions in the air. Sound is physical in that sense. Forgiveness of sins is spiritual not tangible or ‘physical’.

We should Confess to one another that we have sinful natures … but not the sins we did.  Also in James 5:16 its ‘pray ON BEHALF OF one another” or “OVER” one another … but the simple term “FOR” will also do. We ‘same word’ with each other when we agree we have the sinful nature.


The common understanding of this is that we snitch on ourselves with each other in an attempt to eradicate whichever practices from our lives. I’ve noticed this never works.








The mind is a war zone

The mind is a war zone for spirit to compete for our attention. They are having a contest … because we arent believing every spirit. We are discerning spirits rationally.

An anxious thought crosses our mind … so we begin to discern it. Adrenaline and amino acid secretes into our central nervous system … as we continue to think. We might be confused … and uncertain concerning something … but a grounding or touching down in reality escapes us.

Theres something happening here. It’s not exactly clear to us what it is. We know we discerning spirits.

Spirits have many different rankings … which classifications are their titles. Thrones, rulers, principalities, and spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places are dwelling on stars as their ‘abodes’. They travel faster than the speed of light.

Mental space exists. The universe exists and we exist. We exist in the universe. Space is mental, and mental space exists. We teach have our own mental space which is our own mental space. Each of our bodies exist within time and space.

Time and space is our Fathers house in which there are many dwelling places. Spirits are verbal rational beings. Spirits are messengers.

Spirits communicate perceptions or assessments of experiences we have. These comprehensions are propositioning us … for us to believe realities … and we continue to contemplate. We are making spiritual decisions.

We aren’t believing every spirit. We are believing spirits though. We are believing spirits exist, and that they are communicating verbal rational thoughts to our minds … but we are also understanding that some of them are dark spirits masquerading as messengers of light.

We don’t want to be deceived. We want to know and understand the truth … and we want to walk in the light. This is because we are children of the light.

Those who get drunk … get drunk at night. We want to walk circumspectly. We want to redeem the time and make the most of every opportunity … because the days are evil.


Grace is a constant and a new grace is to be had each moment … which is a paradox … and the quandary of this writ. The Mystery concerning the gospel … is the mystery for the stability of the mind for people who are already saved. The obligation obedience (which the sinful nature tires of achieving) … has an antidote or counter-thought.

Ephesians 6:19 is the gospel of peace passage which metaphors with the war sandals of the Roman soldier as the peace of mind … (I find) … in Philippians 4:8 ‘The peace which passeth all human comprehension” … or “the peace which passeth understanding”. Romans 16:25-27 is some of the explanation of this mystery gospel.

The ‘by faith’ obedience to the grace doctrine or “THE FAITH” … doctrine in the final will and testament of our Lord Jesus Christ … is the remedy for the obligatory gospel for practical life … the obligation slash guilt based cross carrying kind … with the self flagellation …  and beating up of ones self and therefore others … obedience based version of WWJD christian living …  yo! … but this spiritual understanding cometh not by the will of man … because only by the will of God shall a satanically darkened perception of God in the mind of unregenerate man … come to the light … or the difference in perception to come to understand the true light from the false … 3515730487_c8251a8325_m


Wouldn’t it just be so wonderful if we had a mental illness which was what was holding us back in life  … and the simple easy way to solve the problem was to take a little miracle pill like on Alice in Wonderland?